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Welcome to Eat Latin, a place where you will find recipes inspired by Latin American dishes.

Our aim is to show the world what food in Latin America is all about. Be prepared to see not only traditional dishes, but also our take on different flavours from around the world giving shape to new Latin flavours.

A different section of the website is dedicated to the ever growing Latin American restaurant offerings in London, one of our goals is to compile a list of these places where, you can enjoy Latin American feasts.


Who is behind Eat Latin?

Yolanda Ocon started Eat Latin with the idea of discovering new flavours and learning about the different cuisines across Latin America.

“Latin American cuisine has a lot to offer and I feel that sometimes it is underrated, I would like to change that, one dish at a time”

Alejandro is a passionate foodie and wine connoisseur. His role is to enjoy the food cooked by Yolanda and is also in charge of the redaction of all restaurant reviews.

Excited about this new project and want to collaborate?
Feel free to send us an email at:

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