Mexican Food Demo at Le Cordon Bleu

Mexican Demo at Le Cordon Bleu

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to “Le Cordon Bleu” for a demonstration on Mexican gastronomy.

The evening was led by chefs Fernando Hernandez and Eli Lopez, chef tutors at the University of Anahuac Mayab in the Mexican state of Yucatan.

The focus of the demonstration, was Mexican-Mayan gastronomy, particularly from Yucatan where the famous Pork Pibil originates. During the evening, we were introduced to ingredients indigenous to the region. The ingredient that most caught my eye was Pibinal, a smoked corn on the cob served during traditional ceremonies in certain parts of the Yucatan peninsula. Chef Eli used Pibinal to make a bread served with Xtabentun (a Mayan liqueur made with honey and anise) ice cream.

Other dishes prepared during the evening were Turkey Relleno Negro made by chef Fernando where he used a black paste made by burning the ingredients until they almost become charcoal. This paste gives the dish a unique taste.

On the second day, the two dishes demonstrated were Queso Relleno, baked cheese filled with minced beef, dried fruit and other delicious ingredients. For the sweet option we had a Chocolate Volcano filled with Annatto served with a Pinole (sweet maize powder typical of the country) ice cream.

It is great to see these type of events happening in London, as they are great to promote all that Mexico has to offer, culture and food wise. I hope to see more of these in the near future, no pressure Embassy of Mexico.

  • Turkey Relleno Negro
    Turkey Relleno Negro



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