Sweet Potato in Cinnamon Syrup

Sweet Potato in Syrup

Contrary to the way sweet potato is widely eaten in the UK and other countries of the world where it is used in savoury dishes, in Mexico and other places of Latin America we see sweet potato as a vegetable used mainly to make desserts.
This recipe of sweet potato in cinnamon syrup is super simple and delicious, it is also a great dessert alternative for those days when you are looking to try something different.
On the plus side, your kitchen will get filled with a smell from the cinnamon and cloves that will immediately evokes memories of autumn and Christmas.

Prep Time | 35 minutes
Difficulty | Easy
Serves 4


2 large sweet potatos
250g cane sugar
Cinnamon sticks
2 cloves
1l water


  1. Peel the sweet potato and cut into chunks 6-7 cm big.
  2. In a deep saucepan on a medium heat mix the water, cane sugar cinnamon and cloves and bring to the boil until the sugar has dissolved and you end up with a concentrated syrup.
  3. Add the sweet potato chunks and cook on a medium heat until they become soft, between 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the sweet potato.

Serving suggestion

Enjoy this dessert hot or cold on its own or adding milk when you serve (a personal favourite).

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Sweet Potato in Cinnamon Syrup
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